Colour react

This activity helps attackers shield the ball and get past determined defenders using skills and clever moves. It’s great for encouraging creativity in the final third.

Set up

Set up an area of 15×15 yards with goals across each corner. Place a different coloured cone in the centre of each side of the square. We used eight players. You need balls, bibs and cones.

How to play it

Stand two players on each of the different coloured cones. Each player has a ball. On the coach’s call for the 1v1 ‘Red/Blue’, the first colour must play the ball to the second colour and they go into a 1v1. The attacking player must try to score in the two goals facing him, but if the defender touches the ball the attacker can aim at any of the four goals.
Start two 1v1s at the same time so players have to be aware of where the other players are at all times. Once played a couple of times progress to 2v2.


This activity is based on skills to shield the ball and awareness of where goals are. The technique to beat a player takes a lot of practice so allow for mistakes as players attempt to control the ball.

    1. The coach calls out a colour sequence and the first colour passes to the second colour and the 1v1 begins
    2. The attacker scores in the goals directly opposite his cone

    3. Here the diagonal players are called giving opportunity for a quick break to the far corner and an easy goal
    4. The coach calls orange and yellow and the yellow player is slow off the mark allowing the defender to get quickly to the ball

    5. The defender touches the ball without winning it opening up all the goals to the attacker
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