Creative play around the penalty area

One of the options your attacking players have when they approach the penalty area, be it a winger, wingback or number 10, is to go it alone into the box to get past the defenders.

Set up

The session takes place in and around the penalty area. You need 8 players balls, poles* and a goal.

How to play it

In the session the players dribble in and around the poles* you have set up and they must take a shot at goal with the first touch once they have cleared the poles. The other player acts as goalkeeper and runs through his/her set of poles – experiment with distance and number of poles the goalkeeper runs through so they get to the goal at the same time as the striker shoots.
*You can use cones instead of poles


Dribbling technique involves at some point using both feet which is important for player development. There is also a reaction to the pressure of having to beat a moving goalkeeper. Shooting technique is also important here

1. Attacking players move with the ball through the poles and shoot first time after clearing the last pole
2. Players who are the goalkeepers try to get to the goal quicker than the striker

3. It is a good idea to run different angles that the attacking players have to make before they shoot

4. Once the shot has been taken the keeper and striker retrieve the ball and swap roles

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