Dribbling Game

There has been a lot of talk lately about the lack of dribblers in the top leagues around the world – which is why players like Neymar are so expensive. Ignore the parents shouts of GET RID and get your players dribbling.

Why use it

Dribbling into the penalty area is a great way to open up a defence or to win free kicks when your opponents have to stop you getting past them.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and two normal goals. Set up an area 40 x 30 yards with 7 yard zones at each end coned off with gates on each end. We used 13 players.

How to do it

You need two teams of 6v6 including goalkeepers. Teams play a normal game but the twist is that to score players must dribble through the cones and shoot at the. When they dribble through the cones they go 1v1 with the keeper to try and score. No defender can follow them into the goal area. However defenders are allowed to go into the area to receive a ball from the goalkeeper for the start and restart of the sessions and play out unopposed.


Look for awareness, changes of direction, smart first touches, high tempo and accurate shooting.

Dribble to score

    1. Goalkeepers start the session with a pass into one of their defenders
    2. Team’s play a normal 5v5 game in the centre but must remember they are defending the wide gates not the goalmouth
    3. To score a goal players dribble through the gates then go 1v1 against the goalkeeper to try and score in the goal

dribble into dangerous areas

    4. No defenders are allowed to go and try to tackle the dribbler once he has got into the zone
    5. Defenders can go into the zone to receive a pass from the keeper and play out unchallenged
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