Drill to coach soccer ball control and passing skills

Coach your players to win, control and pass the ball with ease with the help of the following basic football skills and drills.

Coach basic ball control skills

Talk to any experienced soccer (football) coach and he will tell you that giving your players the ability to control the ball and move with it into areas where he can pass it back or pass it wide to continue the move is coaching match-winning skills.

Set up soccer (football) drill

  • You need a player who can pass the ball into the game and receive and pass it again at the right speed and weight.
  • You can pass the ball yourself but you must keep watch on how the other three payers are performing.
  • Set up a small area – 30 metres by 10 metres – marked out with cones.

Soccer ball control drill to get player working on ball control skills

Run ball control drill

  • In position 1, the player passes the ball into the space between the two defenders.
  • You must tell your attacking player to be first to the ball and with good control take it away from the two defenders and move to position 3.
  • When your player is at position 3 he passes back to the first player then runs back into position for the exercise.
  • You can set up two or three of these so your whole squad is doing the soccer drill at the same time.

How to change ball control drill

  • Tell the player who is passing the ball into the space that it is important to vary the speed, height and angle of the pass.
  • Add more defenders and cut the space between players to increase difficulty of the drill.
  • Make the playing area bigger or smaller to make the practice harder or easier.

Key soccer coaching tips for basic passing and ball control

  • Tell your passer to vary the soccer pass so the attacker has to control the ball with both feet and with different parts of his body.
  • Tell your defenders they must pressure the player in possession.
  • Tell your attacker he must concentrate on good ball control techniques to create space to get the ball back to the passer and not allow the defenders an opportunity to win the ball.
  • Tell both passing players they must concentrate on the quality of the soccer pass.

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