Footwork and avoidance soccer drill

Use this fun soccer coaching drill to get players passing, moving in different ways and using their soccer skills to avoid the opposition at the same time.

Soccer drill set up

  • Split your players into three teams, such as Brazil, Spain and USA, with three or four players in each team.
  • Put them in a grid – you can use the penalty area or mark out a grid. The size of this depends on the number of players, you need enough room for the players to jog comfortably around during the soccer drill.

Run the soccer drill

  • Have the players run around and each team passes a ball between them. This helps improve avoidance skills.
  • Ask them to move in different directions or ways, for instance, backwards, sideways, hopping on one foot. Carry on with the soccer drill until the players have become accustomed to moving into empty spaces.
  • Then shout a team name. That team needs to put their chests on the ground and then get to their feet as quickly as possible.
  • While this is happening in the drill, the other players need to keep moving, whilst avoiding the players on the ground. Repeat this callout randomly for each team a number of times.
  • Finally, shout out a team name twice. These players must remain with their chests on the ground for a count of ten before getting back to their feet. In this time the other teams must increase their speed, but avoiding stepping on the players on the ground.

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