Footwork soccer drill for goalkeepers

Soccer coaching drills that focus on footwork are essential for your goalkeepers. Using hands to make a save is obviously crucial for shot stopping but if the goalkeeper is not in position, they’ll never get the chance to use their hands.

Soccer coaching drill tips

  • Fast feet – goalies need to cover the ground as fast as possible to make the save.
  • Ball handling skills – your goalie’s priority should always be to catch the ball, but if catching is not possible, he needs to know where the ball can be safely deflected to.

Soccer drill to get goalie working on speedy footwork skills and shot stopping

  • You need one goal and six cones placed six yards from the goal line with one yard between each cone for this soccer drill.
  • The coach stands approximately 10 yards from goal line. The goalkeeper must be “on their toes” at the drill starting position.
  • Server calls “Go” for the goalkeeper to start the drill.
  • The goalkeeper moves quickly between the cones.
  • Ball is served as goalkeeper gets to last cone.
  • Encourage the goalkeeper to step “into line/down the line” of the ball.
  • Recovery saves: if goalkeeper doesn’t catch the shot, they must quickly get back up and cover the rebound.

Develop the drill

Advance this soccer drill by getting the goalkeeper to complete the footwork facing the goal, then spinning when they reach the last cone. This reduces the amount of reaction time they have. Add a server at the other end. As soon as a save is made, the keeper repeats the drill in the opposite direction.

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