Ball Control and Footwork

These soccer drills will give your players “Mastery of the Ball”. It is your first duty as a coach to give your players the soccer skills to be effective players. Ball control is the key to that. It’s about being comfortable on the ball, instant control, able to change feet, and move the ball where you want.

How to coach ball receiving drills- part 1

Receiving the ball under pressure

in Ball Control and Footwork, Practice plans

The goalkeeper in possession passes to one of the teams. The team in possession can score past any goalkeeper but the one they have received the ball from. Therefore they must receive under pressure and then retain possession in order to try and score a goal. If the defending team win possession then they try to score against the starting keeper. MORE

How to coach the chest trap - part 1

The chest trap

in Ball Control and Footwork, Practice plans

Players should be comfortable at dealing with balls at whatever height they arrive – just like Cristiano Ronaldo – who is a master at controlling the ball with his chest. Use this drill with your players so they control the ball instantly like the Real Madrid goal machine. MORE

How to coach open body stance drills- part 1

Open your shoulders

in Ball Control and Footwork, Practice plans

If you can instruct your players to take up an open body stance when the team is in possession, they will be able to see both goals and gain a picture of what is around them when receiving the ball. This improves their vision and spatial awareness. MORE

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