Pass or dribble

This session is designed to help coaches look at the decision-making of the players. Can they take on the defender 1v1? Or is the right decision to keep possession by passing to a team-mate?

Set up

Mark out a 30×20-yard area with a goal at each end and a halfway line. We used 10 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and two goals.

How to play it

Split the players into two teams of four plus two neutral keepers. A player will stand in each corner of the pitch – two players from each team diagonally opposite. Keepers go in goal and the other players are on the halfway line. The coach serves a ball and teams start by competing for the ball 1v1.
The idea is to release players from the corners by passing to them and then score at the opposite end to the one they joined in from. If a goal is scored or the ball goes into touch the game restarts and the next players from each side play 1v1.


When in possession players must look up to see the space they could dribble into or a team-mate in space to pass to. Ask players what they saw, why did they pass it there, or where would be a good place to move off the ball in order to help their team-mates.

1. With floaters on each corner and goalkeepers in position, play starts when the coach plays the ball onto the pitch
2. In a race to the ball, one player from each team compete against each other for possession

3. nce a player has control of the ball, their aim is to get a floater from their team involved by playing a pass out to them
4. After receiving the ball the floater now joins in with their team-mate creating an overload in their favour and they look to attack the opposite goal or get the other floater in

5. f the defender can dispossess the other team and get one their own floaters into the game then they can try to counter
6. With the game in full flow now, it’s all about the first team to score or if the ball goes out of play the game is reset

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