Play with fast feet

This session works on dribbling and passing skills that strikers need when they are in tight spaces like the penalty area and need to beat the opposition – and keep out of the way of teammates!

Why use it

All players will benefit from this session because fast feet in tight spaces happens all over the pitch not just the penalty area.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones. Use the centre circle of your pitch or an adult pitch – adjust the size of the circle to suit your coaching session (smaller makes it harder bigger easier). We used a full squad for this session buy you can use smaller numbers.

How to play

Divide your players into an even number of small groups. Two or three players per group is ideal. There is one ball per group. Spread the groups evenly around the circle. On your call, the first player in two of the groups dribbles their ball across the circle to the group opposite. When he gets there, he allows the first player in the waiting group to take their ball and dribble back across the circle in the opposite direction. Now get the front players from two of the other groups to dribble across. Keep the dribbling patterns moving from one side to the other so that, pretty soon, four players are moving at once. Clearly there will be considerable player ‘traffic’ for each dribbler in the circle to avoid. This encourages them to maintain close control and play with heads up. Don’t be surprised to see collisions between balls and/or players to begin with. As your players improve, they will avoid them.


The game encourages players to get their heads up in spotting players and potential passes across a crowded area. These are exactly the same types of passes they will need to execute in an opponent’s penalty area.

Fast Feet

    1. The fullback starts with the ball at cone A and passes into the attacking midfielder at cone B
    2. Players must dribble the ball from one side of the circle to the other

Fast Feet

    3. As more players join, ‘traffic’ will form in the middle of the area and players may run into one another
    4. When the circle gets crowded players must look up and see where they are going – much like they would in the penalty area in a match

fast feet

    5. Communication with team mates helps to navigate the circle to get to the other side safely

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