Soccer drill to teach the Ronaldo chop

Help your players fool their opponents and open up space by teaching them the Ronaldo chop to the side.

  • Start your players off with a soccer coaching drill using a static ball. Tell them to jump and flick the ball with their right heel past the back of their left leg, so they change the direction of the ball with the back leg.
  • Once they have mastered the soccer drill with a static ball, get them to try the same move running towards a defender and just before they reach him, come from behind with their right heel to move left and leave a bemused defender in their wake.Ronaldo chop to the side move


Key soccer coaching tip: Your players must practise this soccer drill at home to be able to use this skill at speed.

  1. Get your players to control the ball moving towards the defender at speed.
  2. Quick feet are needed to get the ball in position to chop it with the heel of the right foot.
  3. Tell them to jump up moving left foot over ball and flick it with heel of right foot.
  4. Then surge forward into the space created.
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