Soccer warm up drill to boost reactions and footwork

This is a soccer (football) warm-up drill to get players reacting to your calls as they move around a 20 yards-by-20 yards square and working on their footwork skills. You can use the centre circle or the penalty area if you are playing an away game and want to use this footwork and reactions warm-up drill in a limited space. This is also a useful warm-up drill for indoor coaching.
Soccer warm up drill to get young players reacting to your call and practising footwork

How to run your soccer warm-up drill to improve reactions

  • Keeping the ball stationary, the players take two steps towards the ball and execute a step over or step across with the right foot, followed by two steps backwards. The soccer drill is then repeated with the left foot.
  • The players jog towards the ball. When they reach it, they make side-to-side movements going backwards.
  • The players take two steps forward and then make a kicking action to the side of the ball, before taking two steps backwards and repeating on the opposite side.
  • The players side-step towards the ball and then take a high step over the ball with one leg before repeating in the opposite direction with the other leg.
  • The players jog behind their ball and listen for your call of “right” or “left”. They must quickly react and circle the ball in the direction called.

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