Staying in control – Warm Up


This simple warm-up gets your players moving. Conditions can be added, like playing out using your less dominant foot, or the outside of the foot.



Set up an area relative to the age and ability of your players. Twelve players are used in this example, but it can be adapted to suit your numbers. Players should be in three different coloured bibs or kits to enable smooth transition to the next step in the session.



Half the players begin around the outside of the area without a ball, the other half start inside the area with a ball. The players in possession pass to an outside player and take their place. The receiving player, with his or her first touch in mind, has to take a positive touch into the playing area and then find another player on the outside to pass to.



What parts of the foot can players pass/receive with? Can players take a positive first touch in the direction they want to go? Does their body shape allow for this? Can players play with their heads up and consider their weight of pass to help their receiving team-mate take a good first touch?

1. Set up with half of your players around the outside without a ball and half in the middle with a ball each

2. Players with a ball pass to a player on the outside and take their place

3. Coaches can encourage players to begin passing and receiving with both feet and different parts of their feet

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