Technical development

Every young player in your team needs to feel comfortable to have the ball at his feet all the time – especially in tight areas of the pitch. The final part gives ownership of the session to the players.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones in a 20×20 yard area. Set up the 7 cones as shown – 2 on each of the top corners, 2 cones 7 yards in from each side on the near end with a cone centred in front of these 2. We used 8 players in the session.

How to play

The two sides of the area shown in diagram 1 and 2 are worked at the same time in groups of 4. On the right hand side the first player passes into the centre and the ball is passed to the corner. Here the ball is passed on and the player turns and dribbles the ball around to the left hand side of the pitch. Players follow the pass. On the left hand side the ball is played into the centre for a one-two then passed into the corner for a one-two there. Again the player dribbles around to the right hand side. Players follow the pass. Once they are familiar with the movement remove the cones and allow the groups of 4 to turn, pass and play one-twos by constructing their own passing moves.


Rehearses the core elements of technical ability with lots of movement in a tight space.

    1. On the right side of the pitch play starts with a pass from the player on the near right hand cone into the centre player
    2. He turns with the ball and passes into the corner, where a pass and turn then the player dribbles around to the cone on the other side of the area

    3. Play on this side starts on the left hand cone with a one-two with the centre player
    4. The player passes into the corner where a one-two is played and the player with the ball dribbles around to the right hand side

    5. Now the two groups pass, turn and play one-twos in their groups and can interchange with each other as and when the opportunity arrives
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