Technique: lose your marker 1

Every player needs to have the ability to get away from his marker and to know whether an opponent is tight or not.

This session is about improving your players’ awareness, not just of the position of their opponents but of teammates too and of space. It teaches players how to come off a marker to create space, and looks at the importance of a pass.

When first running this session, it will be very stop-start, but it is important for us to ensure players are acting and reacting in the right way.

We start off the session by ensuring players use the right technique for receiving the ball, making space and moving away. Then go to Lose your marker 2 for a two ball practice and small sided game.

Technique against a marker

    1. The player set to receive the ball takes a quick look over his shoulder to check on the position of the defender.

    2. The receiver checks back, using his body as a shield and, if necessary, leans into his opponent. This halts the defender’s approach whilst reinforcing the receiving player’s balance.

Movement to get free

    3.The receiving player moves off the shoulder of the defender, arrows away from the ball, then comes back to receive at an angle.
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