The chip

At youth level the keeper will often come out of goal to try to get the ball and the best way to beat him is with an accurate chip over him into the net. It is an extra tool to give your players at all levels of the game.

Set up

Create a playing area of 40×30 yards with a central 10-yard square at each end placed five yards in front of the goal, creating a no go area between the goal and the square – the goal areas. We’ve used 10 players in the session.

How to play it

Play a 3v3 in the main area of the pitch with two goalkeepers in each of the squares. Play a normal game except goals are scored by chipping the ball over the keepers and into the net. If a goal is scored without a chip it doesn’t count. The chip must go between the front two cones. The keepers restart the game by rolling the ball out to a team-mate.


This is how to do the technique. Place the non-kicking foot to the side, slightly behind the ball. Like a golfer using a chipper, a quick downward swing of the kicking leg with the inside three toes directly under the ball, plus a very short follow-through, produces a lot of backspin and a short but high arc.

Catch the chip

    1. There is a five-yard zone behind the defending square to give players space for the chip. It is a no player zone.
    2. The two goalkeepers must try and catch the chip to gain possession of the ball

Create space to chip

    3. Play a normal 3v3 in the space around the pitch but only the goalkeepers can go in the boxes
    4. The chipped shot must go between the cones at the front of the boxes

Score a goal

    5. Players should try and chip on the run – it gives momentum to the chip
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