The drag push skill

This is a great skill to use anywhere players are involved in an attacking 1v1.

Difficulty rating ☆☆☆★★

This can be a successful skill for young players to use but the coordination is difficult and can look cumbersome if the hop part of the skill is not one clean movement, so it needs practice.

The skill

The Drag Push works when players with the ball are involved in a 1v1 and are moving at speed. When the player wants to shake off an opponent, he drags the ball with the inside of the foot as if to go one way, hops with the standing leg to allow a change of direction and accelerates away. This can be used when players are running towards their opponent.

How to do it

    STEP 1 The player with the ball runs towards an opponent showing the ball by having it in front of them – not shielded.

    STEP 2 Keeping a steady pace the player moves as if to go one way.

    STEP 3 The player can then use the standing leg as an anchor to hop into the air.
    STEP 4 As he hops the player turns their body to another direction.

    STEP 5 The player pushes the ball with the outside of the foot in the new direction.

A simple practice

Use this simple practice to help your players master the art of the Drag Push
> Players should work alone with a ball and a cone.
> Placing the cone, the player then walks back five yards.
> The player runs towards the cone
> When he gets there he performs the skill to go past the cone and then turns and does it again.
> Players do five runs at the cone and then they should rest for one minute before doing five more.

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