The Drag Scissors Session

The Drag Scissors is a great skill for a winger who wants to buy time and make space. Use the steps above to help players to learn the skill and this session will help them to practise it.

Why use it

If young players are facing a very fast defender they sometimes need to do more than just feint to get past them – they need to make the defender go the wrong way in order to create more time and space to use the ball. This is a great skill to help a winger cut inside and head into the penalty area.

Set up

Use an area of 20×20 yards with a five-yard shooting end zone. Create two small goals 12 yards apart on the end line. We are using eight players. You need balls, bibs, cones and small target goals.

The Drag Scissors Session

How to play

The session works with an attacker and a defender. The attacker starts with the ball and passes to a server, who plays the ball down the line for the attacker to run on to. The defender’s job is to get into the shooting zone before the attacker. He can only tackle in the shooting zone. The attacker must cut inside using the skill and try to finish in one of the goals.


This is a vital skill for a winger to get the better of defenders, so he can cut inside instead of going down the line and crossing. The movement should create time and space for the attacker to get into the area.

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