VIDEO: The Drag Scissors

There is a lot of movement in this skill, but if done right it will buy time and space for the player.

Watch the video below and get your players to practise the skill using the activity below and go to the session VITAL SKILLS – THE DRAG SCISSORS by clicking the link.


Practice is vital before attackers use this skill in a match. Balance and quick feet are key, as is the angle of the body.

The skill

The drag scissors is a great skill for a winger who wants to make the defender think he is going outside down the line but instead drags the ball inside. A player using this skill can totally fool a defender.

Body shape and quick feet are vital to the success of the skill, which fools the defender into thinking the attacker is going to feint and go one way but quick feet take him in the other direction.

How to do it

STEP 1 When an attacker needs to create time and space they should dribble towards their opponent.
STEP 2 The attacker drags the ball as if to go to the defender’s right.
STEP 3 But they step around the ball, the scissors, looking like they are going to go left.
STEP 4 Then they push the ball to the defender’s right.
STEP 5 The anchor leg is used to push the player and help accelerate away with the ball.

Coaching tip

When watching the video listen out for the important steps used in this move: 1. Drag; 2. Scissors; 3. Push; and 4. Accelerate. Try to call out these steps as reminders when you are coaching your young players to do the drag scissors.


Use this simple practice to help your players master this difficult but useful skill, the drag scissors…
> Depending on how many balls you have, line players up opposite each other. If you have enough balls for one between two that is best.
> Get the groups to face each other 10 yards apart.
> Place a cone at the five yard mark.
> On your call the player with the ball runs at the cone does the drag scissors and then passes to his partner and runs to his partner’s end.
> The partner then does the same drill to the opposite end.

Now try the drag scissors using the activity VITAL SKILLS – THE DRAG SCISSORS

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