Triangle midfield drill

Why use it

Tactical: Understand the Triangle Shape, Space Awareness, Open Spaces, Possession of the ball
Technical: Ball Controls, Passes

Set up

Balls, bibs and cones in an area 25×25 yards. 3 sets of 6 Minutes

How to play it

Must divide your team into two different groups with different color bibs. Two players stand on the outside of the grid, as shown on the diagram, and three players play possession inside the grid, keeping their triangle shape at all times. Once the team loses possession of the ball, they must try to win the ball back as fast as possible, regain control of the ball, and pass the ball around the grid. Players can only pass/give the ball to their teammates with the same color bib outside the grid.
Progression: Every time a player passes the ball to somebody outside the grid, the two players must switch places and continue with possession.


In Possession: Players must be able to communicate, so they keep their triangle shape at all times. Simultaneously, the team in possession of the ball has to have a high player to penetrate and skip defensive lines.

Without Possession: Players must coordinate how they pressure and defend as a unit. The person closer to the ball must pressure the player in possession while the other two players try to close the gap between them, so the ball doesn’t go through the two players supporting the player trying to win the ball.

1. The red team must try to keep the ball in a 5v3 with the centre three keeping in a triangle shape

2. The white team wins the ball now they have the overload and must try to keep their shape in the middle and keep the ball using the outside players

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