Video: How to take a free-kick

Watching Juan Mata score a fantastic free kick for Manchester United against Juventus in the Champions League will have all young players trying to do it for themselves.

You can watch the Mata free kick in the highlights of Juventus v Manchester United at the bottom of this post. And don’t miss Ronaldo’s spectacular shot in the clip.

If you want your players to be able to do the same Leeds United’s Pablo Hernandez gives us a masterclass in how to take the perfect free-kick. The Spain international who starred at Valencia in Spain and Swansea in the Premier League knows a thing or two about how to take a free kick.

Watch the video then set up the sessions below with individual players and get them to practice taking free kicks that can give your team a winning edge. And just to help out I’ve included a session on how to get your players to build a defensive wall to stop your opponents doing the same to you!

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