Zigzag dribble

Great wingers can cut inside and shoot. Use this activity to encourage your players to add an end product to their dribbling. In matches you want to see players dribbling into space and creating problems. The focus of this session is on ball control while running, with an end product.

Set up

Set up an area of 30×30 yards with two goals and mark out dribbling routes starting five yards from the end line. Using corner flags mark out target areas in the goal. There are no keepers. We’ve used eight players. You need balls, bibs, cones, corner flags and two goals.

How to play it

Split players into two teams of four. Each player has a ball and must dribble through the cones. As they come out of the cones they have three seconds to score and cannot cross the line into the end zone. Scoring outside either flag in the goal is worth five points and in the centre of the goal it scores one point.
In the second run make one player in each team a defender who can block a shot but must stay in the zone. In the third run the defender stands by the goal, moving when the attacker gets to the final cones.


This is for dribbling though a crowded area into space with a touch and a shot at goal. It’s made harder by the addition of defenders and it is good for touch control.

Dribble and score

    1. Players have a ball each and must dribble through the zigzag route of cones to the shooting area
    2. The player has three seconds to pick his spot and score points in the goal

Hit the target

    3. Now make one attacker a defender on each team and they try to block any shot from the attacking player. They cannot go beyond the line
    4. Now the defender stands by the goal post and can move when the attacker gets to the final set of cones

    5. In the final progression, the attacker has less time to pick his spot under pressure from the defender and can be tackled now that the end zones have been removed
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