Coach clever corner positions

Help your soccer players make the most of the situation when they’re taking corners by coaching one or two players – depending on whether it’s 7 or 11-a-side – so that they lurk just outside the penalty area on the corner nearest the corner-taker.

Get players taking corners more effectively

This soccer coaching tactic gives your team a number of options:

  • The corner-taker can play the ball to them, a player can pass from inside the box to them or they are there when the ball is cleared from the corner.
  • In each case the opposition will be on the back foot and often will be caught by surprise because it is unlikely they will be marking that position.
  • So what you are doing is stopping counter-attacks and giving options for your players to pass the ball to.
  • Once this player has the ball, they can then change the angle of the cross or have a shot themselves – they are in a great attacking position and should be creating goal-scoring chances.

If you found this tactical tip useful to your soccer coaching, you can get more in my publication Soccer Coach Weekly.

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