Coach this soccer possession drill

This soccer possession drill will help you coach players to retain possession of the ball and create attacking opportunities. You are looking to develop skills such as players making runs with the ball and moving to receive the ball.

No player should be static in this soccer possession drill. Encourage any players that are static to keep moving and looking for space.

Soccer drill session to get players moving into space

Run the soccer possession drill

  • Start the soccer drill by playing a game of keepaway with two teams of equal numbers in the main area.
  • This is possession in its purest form and the soccer drill session should be used to work on passing skills and first-touch technique.
  • Now the teams have to play possession in order to go forward and score a point by getting into the end zone. This provides a goal to build towards when passing and gives the players purpose.
  • Introduce decision-making in the game situation with the addition of goals and goalkeepers.
  • What you are trying to do is encourage your players to attack by entering the middle zone and beat the defender 1v1 for a chance to shoot, or go into a crossing zone and cross the ball for a team-mate.
  • If your players have been running with the ball from the first session, you should see them running into areas of attack with much more confidence.

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