Continuous crossing

If you want your players to hone their crossing skills, try this non-stop training game aimed at helping them get the ball into the box at the right time.

Why use it

The session is a good work out to help teams experiment with angles and different heights of playing a ball into the box from the wings. The crossers are unopposed so they can concentrate on the technique and get good crosses in. It’s a fast and continuous session.

Set up

Create a playing area 40×30 yards including a five-yard crossing zone. You don’t need to use keepers even though we’ve included them in our session. But you do need four teams of two players and a server. You also need balls, bibs, cones and goals.

How to play

The server plays the ball to the attacking pair, who must get the ball to the crossing zone for a cross into the two attackers. After the attack the team defends and the previous defenders break out to attack the other end.


Arriving in the box at the right time is important for the session to work – if the attackers are waiting for the player to cross before they run it will be easily defended. Putting balls into the box is good practice for match days.

    1. The first set of attackers must move the ball wide to the wing player in an unopposed zone who can cross in
    2. Clever timing of the runs will make the defender’s job of marking almost impossible

    3. When the first attackers have played, the coach immediately plays a ball to the previous defenders for them to attack the other end
    4. Ask the wingers to supply a variety of crosses at different angles, heights and speeds to encourage different runs

    5. The server should also supply different passes to the two attackers to encourage different balls into the wingers
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