Corner trickery soccer drill

Young soccer players love trickery in matches and they enjoy practising these skills during soccer (football) coaching sessions. This corner trick is clever, fun and very effective.
Soccer drill to trick defenders at short corners

Coaching corner skills

Doing the unexpected can often result in a chance to score a goal. In youth soccer the unexpected can catch the whole team out. In the case of corners, the defending team will set itself up for a ball played into the penalty area directly from the corner with one player tracking anyone going short at the corner.

How to coach a corner trick

  • When you win a corner, have attacker 1 ready to take it, while attacker 2 runs from the penalty area and shouts attacker 1’s name loudly and makes a gesture that signals he wants the ball played to his feet.
  • The defender will go with him – running with attacker 2 towards the corner.
  • As attacker 2 gets near to attacker 1, get him to stop running and hold his hands up in a ‘no’ gesture and shake his head.
  • The defender seeing this will stop as well and look back at the penalty area, totally off his guard.
  • Attacker 2 then sprints into the area away from the attacker 1 who plays the ball into attacker 2’s path.
  • Attacker 2 then has three choices:
  1. Pass to a player on the penalty spot;
  2. Chip it to the far post;
  3. Run at the goal and shoot, also giving him a chance of winning a penalty.

Key soccer coaching drill tips

  • Your players will have to practise this soccer skill so they get it right first time, you don’t want them to make a mess of it and lose the ball.
  • Remember when you have used this skill once, the defender will not let you make a fool of him twice – or so he hopes…

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