Counter from deep – practice 2


The players are now in an environment that produces realistic pictures they will come across in a game. It also adds decision-making and increases the level of difficulty by introducing opponents.


Allocate players to different areas of the pitch by position. Midfielders are placed within an additional area (3v3), while wingers and full-backs (wide players) are positioned just outside of this area. Centre backs and strikers wait in the other half of the pitch. Only two wide players, two defenders and one striker are active at a time. Players rotate their turns.


Start with an opposing midfielder receiving the ball. Once the other team wins possession, they pass to their striker who can combine with a midfielder to release a wide player or they can play directly to a wide player. The wide player with the ball, plus one more from the other line, attack with the striker (3v2).
Progression: Allow an opposing player from each line to recover, plus one attacking midfielder can also join in (4v4).


Look to play forward passes ahead of players. When there is space, drive with the ball and look to play-in a team-mate when defenders commit. Runs off the ball; Timing and area of movement.

1. Reds begin by keeping possession in the small area

2. If Blues win possession, they look to counter attack to the far goal, using their two wingers and striker

3. The two wingers and number 9 play 3v2 against Red defenders

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