Counter from deep – practice 3


This conditioned game places the players in an environment that closely replicates the actual game of soccer and allows them to create their own opportunities to counter attack from deep.


Set up a pitch size relevant for the players. Two defenders from the team starting with the ball are locked into their half of the pitch along with an opposition striker. The remaining players are locked into the other half of the pitch to help create a team defending in a low block. It also provides the defending team with an overload. This half of the pitch is also ‘funnelled’ towards the goal.


Goalkeeper starts by playing to one of the two defenders, who then play the ball into the other half of the pitch. Once in the attacking half of the pitch the team looks to score as normal. If the defending team win possession of the ball they look to counter attack and are challenged to score within 10 seconds. In this instance all players are unlocked. Progress the practice by funnelling both sides of the pitch.


Continue with same key messages from previous practice; forward passes ahead of players, drive when there is space, release at the right time and timing and area of movement.

1. Two Reds and one Blue are locked into one half. The goalkeeper plays to a Red defender

2. Once the ball crosses the halfway line, the match continues as normal

3. If Blues win possession, all players are unlocked and they have 10 seconds to counter and score

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