If your team has good wingers you will be looking to get them wide and putting in some good crosses for your attackers. Crossing the ball requires specific soccer skills and creating opportunities to get crosses in requires certain tactical approaches.

These soccer drills look at how to get your team to score more goals from crosses.

Get better at crossing the ball

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Watching the matches taking place behind closed doors I get the impression that the players are more motivated to use their skills – one of the most common ones is when teams counter attack and players cross the ball when they are moving at speed. to judge when running at speed. MORE

Crossing on the run

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Having the ability to cross the ball on the run makes life difficult for the opposition defenders. This is one of the harder skills that wingers need and it helps them to catch out defenders on the counterattack without stopping or slowing the attack down. MORE

Clever out wide

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This session will show your wide players how to put good balls into the feet of attackers who are battling to try to lose a defender and score. MORE

Mertersacker’s ball

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Run this session to get your defenders clearing the ball like Arsenal academy director Per Mertesacker used to do in the Premier League, pushing the ball away from the penalty area and leaving opponents with fewer attacking options MORE

Cross boxes

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This game encourages players to cross accurately and quickly to cause chaos in opposition defences. When they receive the ball on the wing, they will put in a great first-time cross to catch out a retreating defense. MORE

Get the ball wide

Attack from wide areas

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When you have a fast player quick thinking is vital to giving them the ball in areas they can exploit. In this game a wide ball can create opportunities in midfield or to get players up the pitch to go 1v1 with the keeper. MORE

score from crosses

Double attacker

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In this session the wide player must complete a one-two and overlap to give attackers two ways to score. This is a great for wingers to be coached in different ways to attack from the wings MORE

Top of the box

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Winning a corner is reason to celebrate but only if you have a plan to create a goal when the corner comes in. Far too often players hit and hope with a cross into the penalty area but this idea will help create a goal scoring chance MORE

Crossing the ball

Crossing points

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This session helps to get players to use the option of going wide and crossing into the penalty area if they are finding it difficult to penetrate or the penalty area becomes too crowded MORE

Build up play

Score from crosses

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When your players get the ball into an attacking position they need to finish it off. This exercise helps them do that – it needs good communication, accurate passing and a good finish. MORE

Wingers game - part 1

Wingers game

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The wingers game shows the advantage of having width in your team’s play. The game is played for two halves with each team being given the wingers for one half and benefiting from being able to pass wide and get crosses into the opponent’s box. MORE

3v2 to score - part 1

3v2 to score

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This game improves your attackers’ movement inside the opponent’s box. When attempting to score from a cross, attackers must ensure that their runs are made to lose or disrupt defenders. As the cross is played into the box the attackers should be spread out covering both near and far posts as well as the centre of the goal as this will maximise their chances of scoring. MORE

Crossing games

Crossing games

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The key to scoring more goals is adding width to your attack. These crossing games will improve your team’s ability at moving the ball into wide areas and then getting players into the box to score from crosses. MORE

4v4 + wide players - part 1

4v4 + Wide Players

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Set up Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum) Three teams of four players Two teams play the game One team acts as the goalkeepers and crossing players Rules The game is played as a normal 4v4 plus keepers, but the teams can use the players off the... MORE

Two in and two wide - part 1

Two In and Two Wide

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Set up Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum) Two teams of four players, two players from each team starting on the pitch Two keepers Rules The central players are involved in a 2v2 game but can use their wide players to their advantage when in possession of... MORE

Wingers game - part 1

Wingers game

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The wingers game improves players’ awareness and ability to get the ball into wide areas and reinforces the benefits crossing situations give to a team. Players including Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard have become world stars by passing wide and then getting into the box to score from a cross. MORE

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