If your team has good wingers you will be looking to get them wide and putting in some good crosses for your attackers. Crossing the ball requires specific soccer skills and creating opportunities to get crosses in requires certain tactical approaches.

These soccer drills look at how to get your team to score more goals from crosses.

score from crosses

Double attacker

in Attacking, Crossing

In this session the wide player must complete a one-two and overlap to give attackers two ways to score. This is a great for wingers to be coached in different ways to attack from the wings MORE

Top of the box

in Crossing, Set pieces

Winning a corner is reason to celebrate but only if you have a plan to create a goal when the corner comes in. Far too often players hit and hope with a cross into the penalty area but this idea will help create a goal scoring chance MORE

Crossing the ball

Crossing points

in Attacking, Crossing

This session helps to get players to use the option of going wide and crossing into the penalty area if they are finding it difficult to penetrate or the penalty area becomes too crowded MORE

Build up play

Score from crosses

in Attacking, Crossing

When your players get the ball into an attacking position they need to finish it off. This exercise helps them do that – it needs good communication, accurate passing and a good finish. MORE

Wingers game - part 1

Wingers game

in Crossing, Small Sided Games

The wingers game shows the advantage of having width in your team’s play. The game is played for two halves with each team being given the wingers for one half and benefiting from being able to pass wide and get crosses into the opponent’s box. MORE

3v2 to score - part 1

3v2 to score

in Crossing, Small Sided Games

This game improves your attackers’ movement inside the opponent’s box. When attempting to score from a cross, attackers must ensure that their runs are made to lose or disrupt defenders. As the cross is played into the box the attackers should be spread out covering both near and far posts as well as the centre of the goal as this will maximise their chances of scoring. MORE

Crossing games

Crossing games

in Crossing, Small Sided Games

The key to scoring more goals is adding width to your attack. These crossing games will improve your team’s ability at moving the ball into wide areas and then getting players into the box to score from crosses. MORE

Crossing breakout - part 1

Crossing breakout

in Crossing, Small Sided Games

The crossing breakout factor introduces an interesting twist in this small-sided game as it gives one team a chance to score an additional goal but only if they do so from a cross. MORE

4v4 + wide players - part 1

4v4 + Wide Players

in Crossing, Small Sided Games

Set up Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum) Three teams of four players Two teams play the game One team acts as the goalkeepers and crossing players Rules The game is played as a normal 4v4 plus keepers, but the teams can use the players off the... MORE

Two in and two wide - part 1

Two In and Two Wide

in Crossing, Small Sided Games

Set up Pitch size: 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 25 yards (maximum) Two teams of four players, two players from each team starting on the pitch Two keepers Rules The central players are involved in a 2v2 game but can use their wide players to their advantage when in possession of... MORE

Wingers game - part 1

Wingers game

in Crossing, Small Sided Games

The wingers game improves players’ awareness and ability to get the ball into wide areas and reinforces the benefits crossing situations give to a team. Players including Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard have become world stars by passing wide and then getting into the box to score from a cross. MORE

How to coach accurate crosses - part 1

Combine and cross

in Crossing, Practice plans

Delivering accurate crosses from wide is a key part of any team’s armoury and the better your players become at it, the more effective your team will be at creating goalscoring opportunities. MORE

How to coach crossing defence drills- part 1

Cross country

in Crossing, Practice plans

Dealing with crosses is something every team must be competent at whether attacking or defending. These practices place your players in match-like situations to improve your defenders’ ability to repel crosses and your attackers’ ability to score from them. MORE

How to coach wide attacking crosses- part 1

Wide aerial bombers

in Crossing, Practice plans

Teach your players how to get in the box and scoring from crosses and your team will score plenty of goals. The practices in this session will improve individual crossing, movement in the penalty area to lose a marker, heading and shooting from crosses. MORE

How to coach expert crossing - part 1

Pick your cross like Navas

in Crossing, Practice plans

Successful crosses involve skill, timing and teamwork. A chances. cross is like an accurate long pass – it needs to have a destination and it needs to be aimed at a specific area. Experts at this include Manchester City’s Jesus Navas and Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery. MORE

How to coach 2v2 crossing - part 1

2v2 crossing

in Crossing, Practice plans

Delivering accurate crosses from wide areas to coincide with well-timed attacking runs can be a rich source of goals for your team. Use this drill to practise the basics on a small scale and you’ll be rewarded on match day. MORE

How to coach players to get wide and down the side - part 1

Get wide and down the side

in Crossing, Practice plans

When it is too difficult to attack through the middle, good teams create space by using the full width of the pitch. This allows them to cross the ball or pick holes in a defence that has been stretched. MORE

How to coach attacking cross drills- part 1

Three in the box

in Crossing, Practice plans

Crosses into the box are only good if you can score goals from them. Here is how you can improve your team’s chances of scoring by encouraging your players to make forward runs into the opponent’s penalty box. MORE

How to coach attacking the ball from a cross- part 1

Attack the cross

in Crossing, Practice plans

This session is designed to improve your team’s ability to score from crosses. Finishing and crossing techniques will be worked on in match-related practices. MORE

How to coach scoring from crosses- part 1

Scoring from crosses

in Crossing, Practice plans

Good build up play will allow wingers to exploit width, putting them in a position to get the ball into the box for your forwards to attack. This session shows your players how to turn these opportunities into goals by getting players on the end of crosses. MORE

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