Create better crossers

Good crosses are a key weapon in any teams attacking armoury. Here players are encouraged to attack through wingers who cross the ball first time

Set up

Set up a 40×40 yards pitch with 10×10-yard boxes in two opposite corners. You need11 players balls, bibs and cones.

How to play it

Place one attacker in each of the boxes who will be the crossers. In the main areas play 6v3 with the team of 6 needing to make three passes then pass to one of the players in the boxes. The crosser passes to the player in the other box with two touches to score a point. Now the ball is passed first touch back to the team of 6. When the team of three wins the ball they can pass to a crosser who again passes to the other crosser for a point.


Change the crossers often and look for good first touch and accurate passing

1. Coach starts the game with a pass into the 6v3
2.The team of 6 makes three passes then passes into one of the players in the boxes

3. With two touches the player in the box crosses the ball to the other box and score a point
4. Now the player in the second box passes back to the team of 6 who go again

5. If the team of three wins the ball they pass to the crosser who passes to the other box for a point

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