Crossing and finishing soccer drills

When you are preparing for matches make sure you organise some crossing and finishing drills during training so that the crossers of the ball are playing to your strengths not your weaknesses.
It is very important for you as a coach to play to your strengths. Incorporate into your training sessions a 10-minute quick-break soccer drill that involves passing, crossing and finishing. You know your players, so arrange your soccer coaching session so the crossers know to play it high to the big guys and low to the small ones.

Crossing and finishing: good for motivation

Not only is crossing and finishing a very important part of the game but it is a good conditioning tool and scoring goals always motivates players to work harder.


drill to brush up crossing, passing and finishing skills

Drill to pass and cross

In the soccer drill, set up your players as in the diagram. The ball is passed out wide close to the byeline and crossed to your designated players who have made their way into the box. Tell your players to alternate between hard, low crosses into the box and higher crosses that they can head into the goal.

Key soccer coaching tip: Fast passing and movement are essential soccer skills for a quick breakaway.

Extend the soccer drill

If you want to increase the intensity, try starting the soccer drill 15 metres in front of the penalty area. You can work this soccer drill back to the halfway line and build in relays, overlaps etc as you see fit. A good-fun soccer drill to try is give your players the ball 40 metres from goal and tell them they have 10 seconds to score a goal. This is extremely motivating, generates good banter and concentrates on skill.

Click here for a step-up drill for crossing in match situations.

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