How to coach expert crossing - part 1

Pick your cross like Navas

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Successful crosses involve skill, timing and teamwork. A chances. cross is like an accurate long pass – it needs to have a destination and it needs to be aimed at a specific area. Experts at this include Manchester City’s Jesus Navas and Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery. MORE

How to coach crossing defence drills- part 1

Cross country

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Dealing with crosses is something every team must be competent at whether attacking or defending. These practices place your players in match-like situations to improve your defenders’ ability to repel crosses and your attackers’ ability to score from them. MORE

How to coach wide attacking crosses- part 1

Wide aerial bombers

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Teach your players how to get in the box and scoring from crosses and your team will score plenty of goals. The practices in this session will improve individual crossing, movement in the penalty area to lose a marker, heading and shooting from crosses. MORE

How to coach 2v2 crossing - part 1

2v2 crossing

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Delivering accurate crosses from wide areas to coincide with well-timed attacking runs can be a rich source of goals for your team. Use this drill to practise the basics on a small scale and you’ll be rewarded on match day. MORE

How to coach players to get wide and down the side - part 1

Get wide and down the side

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When it is too difficult to attack through the middle, good teams create space by using the full width of the pitch. This allows them to cross the ball or pick holes in a defence that has been stretched. MORE

How to coach attacking cross drills- part 1

Three in the box

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Crosses into the box are only good if you can score goals from them. Here is how you can improve your team’s chances of scoring by encouraging your players to make forward runs into the opponent’s penalty box. MORE

How to coach attacking the ball from a cross- part 1

Attack the cross

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This session is designed to improve your team’s ability to score from crosses. Finishing and crossing techniques will be worked on in match-related practices. MORE

How to coach scoring from crosses- part 1

Scoring from crosses

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Good build up play will allow wingers to exploit width, putting them in a position to get the ball into the box for your forwards to attack. This session shows your players how to turn these opportunities into goals by getting players on the end of crosses. MORE

How to coach crossing combination drills- part 1

Crossing combinations

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In a small sided game, goals scored from good combination play on the wings count double. Set up your pitch to be wider than normal in order to encourage use of the space on the wings. MORE

How to coach basic crossing - part 1

Basic crossing

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Lots of goalscoring chances are created from dangerous crosses into the opponent’s penalty area, so it is important to teach your players the technique of how to deliver such crosses. MORE

How to coach crossing whilst on the run - part 1

Crossing on the run

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Delivering accurate crosses from wide areas is a key part of any side’s attacking arsenal, and the better your players become at it, the more effective your team will be at creating goal-scoring opportunities. MORE

Real Madrid

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Hitting the ball on the run was one of David Beckham’s biggest assets at Real Madrid. Use this activity to improve the crossing of your players Why use it At Real Madrid Beckham’s ability to cross the ball on the run made life difficult for the opposition defenders. This is one of the harder skills... MORE

Crossing and finishing soccer drills

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When you are preparing for matches make sure you organise some crossing and finishing drills during training so that the crossers of the ball are playing to your strengths not your weaknesses. It is very important for you as a coach to play to your strengths. Incorporate into your training sessions a 10-minute quick-break soccer... MORE

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