If your team has good wingers you will be looking to get them wide and putting in some good crosses for your attackers. Crossing the ball requires specific soccer skills and creating opportunities to get crosses in requires certain tactical approaches.

These soccer drills look at how to get your team to score more goals from crosses.

How to coach crossing combination drills- part 1

Crossing combinations

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In a small sided game, goals scored from good combination play on the wings count double. Set up your pitch to be wider than normal in order to encourage use of the space on the wings. MORE

How to coach basic crossing - part 1

Basic crossing

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Lots of goalscoring chances are created from dangerous crosses into the opponent’s penalty area, so it is important to teach your players the technique of how to deliver such crosses. MORE

How to coach crossing whilst on the run - part 1

Crossing on the run

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Delivering accurate crosses from wide areas is a key part of any side’s attacking arsenal, and the better your players become at it, the more effective your team will be at creating goal-scoring opportunities. MORE

A fantastic game for coaching players to cross the...

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  This game encourages players to cross accurately and quickly like Leighton Baines or Patrice Evra. When they receive the ball on the wing, they will put in a great first-time cross to catch out a retreating defense. Set-up Create an area of 40×40 yards with 10×10-yard boxes in two opposite corners. We’ve used 11... MORE

Real Madrid

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Hitting the ball on the run was one of David Beckham’s biggest assets at Real Madrid. Use this activity to improve the crossing of your players Why use it At Real Madrid Beckham’s ability to cross the ball on the run made life difficult for the opposition defenders. This is one of the harder skills... MORE

Crossing and finishing soccer drills

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When you are preparing for matches make sure you organise some crossing and finishing drills during training so that the crossers of the ball are playing to your strengths not your weaknesses. It is very important for you as a coach to play to your strengths. Incorporate into your training sessions a 10-minute quick-break soccer... MORE

Soccer drill to convert crosses to goals

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Arriving in the box in the right place at the right time is a particular strength of the world’s top strikers and attacking midfielders. Use the following soccer coaching tips and drills to get your players to turn crosses into goals and add to the potency of your team’s attack. During the soccer drill get... MORE

Soccer warm up drill for crossing technique

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When you are preparing your players to work on their crossing skills, you can get them warmed up first using the following soccer drill. Soccer drill tips Mark out a five yard x 10 yard area. The players have to make a touch to the side, then pass through the middle of the cones at... MORE

Soccer drill to focus on player strengths

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Playing to your strengths is a vital skill when you’re a soccer coach. You know your players and what they can do better than anyone. Add this soccer drill to your training session to get your wingers using high and low crosses, identifying their team mates’ strengths. If you watch soccer from all over the... MORE

Combination play to score

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In this drill, players have a decision to make – they must choose whether to shoot or cross, if sent wide. The build-up is unopposed and involves combinations of play between four players.   How to set it up In a 40 yards by 30 yards playing area, you need four cones, a goal, four... MORE

Double crossers

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Scoring from crosses is something every team needs to practice. Rather than just a “hit and hope”, successful crosses involve skill, timing and teamwork. A cross is like an accurate long pass – it needs to be aimed at a specific area. The end focus of this session is the timing of a run and... MORE

Continuous crossing session

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If you want your players to hone their crossing skills, try this non-stop training game aimed at helping them get the ball into the box at the right time. Why use it The session is a good work out to help teams experiment with angles and different heights of playing a ball into the box... MORE

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