Decision making soccer drills for young players

Try a 1v1 soccer training drill to encourage decisive thinking in young attack players.


Young attackers often find themselves in situations where they are facing a single defender and have to make decisions as they look for space so they can get past them and score.

This 1v1 soccer drill gives your attacker a good test in attempting to create space to score.

Setting up the soccer drill

In this drill make an area 25 x 20 yards with cones. You need two goals – a good tip is to use corner flags as goalposts – and two more cones to mark the place where the players stand. There are two goalkeepers and two outfield players.

  1. The defender passes into the attacker to start the soccer drill.
  2. The attacker tries to create space in order to shoot at goal, while the defender must close him down.
  3. The attacker is allowed to score in either goal and should be encouraged to show disguise and skill in order to lose the defender and score.
    training drill showing in 3 parts defender playing ball to attacker who creates shooting chance


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