Chase the cones

In this set up players are racing against each other in a fun game that you can use at training or on match days. Great one to get the players alert and ready for anything.

Why use it

If players can work out the best running sequence they can win the challenge

Set up

You need three training poles, and 3 sets of 4 coloured cones. Create an area 20×25 yards and arrange the cones like the diagram (make it so each colour has similar distances to run). We used 3 players in the session

How to do it

You need to experiment with distances in this game. Start the three players next to the training poles and on your call they have to collect the cones one by one and put them on top of their training pole. First to get the four cones wins.


This is all about running, turning and getting in the way of your opponent if she is quicker than you!

Cone chase

    1. Players start by the training poles and must look around and see where the cones are and which one to go for first
    2. On your call the three players run to get their cones to place on top of the training poles
    3. Tactics come into this if the cones have been arranged so one colour is closer than the other colours

Cone chase

    4. Players should be moving at a high tempo to get to their cones first
    5. You can progress it by allowing players to put opponents cones further away than they are.
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