Defender soccer drill to keep attackers at bay

When your defender is the last man, if he jumps into a tackle and doesn’t win it, the attacker is through on goal. So, you need to coach your players how to hold up an opponent until help arrives.
It’s not always necessary to tackle an opponent in order to dispossess them or slow their progress. Jockeying denies your opponent time and space, and it’s a good tactic to allow your team-mates to get back in position.

tips to jockey on the ball to keep possession until team mates arrive to help


Soccer drill set up

1. Tell your players to adopt an almost side-on position, with shoulders opened out slightly so they provide a barrier to their opponent. This keeps the opposition in front of your player so he can see them.

Your players should keep their knees slightly bent, with their weight on the front of their feet, which makes it easier to change direction while they move backwards.

2. Make sure your players stay goal-side, and also in front of your opponent. They do this by turning off their back foot as they move backwards.

3. Tell them to stay within an arm’s length of their opponent to increase the pressure on them. They should have their arms slightly out to create more of a natural barrier. But make sure they don’t use them to push!

Key soccer coaching tip: Don’t jump in!


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