Defending crosses into the box

Get your players to clear balls crossed into the penalty area and clear the ball into areas of the pitch that give defenders time to regroup and cover the danger

Set up

You need half a pitch with 10-yard crossing channels on either side, 12 players, bibs, balls, cones, and a goal.

How to play it

Five attackers go against 6 defenders and a goalkeeper. The defenders start beside the goal with the attackers trying to score from crosses into the box. Two defenders from either side join in to stop the attack when the cross arrives in the penalty area. Defenders must clear the ball.


Communication, body shape, positioning and pressing are the key techniques

1. Attackers pass the ball between themselves before playing into a wide area
2. All players move to react to the movement of the ball

3. From the wide channels the attacker crosses the ball to try and hit one of their teammates
4. Defenders must watch and anticipate where the danger will come from and cover it

5. Heading the ball away clears the danger when the ball is crossed high into the box

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