Defending in our half – Practice


To prepare units of players on how to defend together and how to transition.



Split the pitch into thirds and split players into three teams with one neutral player in the middle third (always playing with possession teams). Set up goals at either end with a goalkeeper in each.



The ball starts with a goalkeeper and the objective is for each team to play from end to end without the middle team winning the ball, the ball must not go above head height. The defending team can press high or sit in a mid block but they are trying to prevent the opposition from playing through them. Once the defending team wins the ball they can either play to the goal in the direction that they won the ball from or secure the ball by playing to the opposite team. The team who lost possession then counter press, but if the ball is secured or there is a shot they will become the defending team.

Tip: Get the in-possession team to play at least three passes before they play through to allow defending team to gain shape.



How and when to apply pressure; how to force and direct opponents; covering players positioning Compactness of the group Decisions when transitioning.

1. Blues look to play a pass through the Red defenders to the Whites

2. If the Reds win the ball back at any point, they can counter and score or secure possession by passing to the opposite team

3. If Reds win possession, the team who lost it can attempt to win it back before Reds score or secure possession

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