Do it yourself

This session helps you coach players to understand that they have to stay close and not let opponents get free or they will give the game away.

Set up

Set up an area in the centre of your pitch. You need cones that you can either stand a ball on or are big enough to be knocked over by a shot. We have used 10 players, plus two servers. You need a lot of balls.

How to play it

Split your players into two teams of five. Pair players up with a member of the opposite team. Each pair has a ball and must defend and attack the player they are paired with in a 1v1. The cones have points and each time the cone is knocked over (or the ball knocked off) the team gets the points. Put the cone back up or the balls back on each time they are knocked down (you will need helpers for this). Play for five minutes and then take a half-time break.


This is a fast and furious game with 1v1s all over the pitch with balls flying everywhere. It’s great to get your players used to matches where they have responsibility to stop the opposition passing through midfield.

Press to win the ball

    1. Pair up opposition players with a ball between them to go 1v1 in each pairing
    2. Cones have different values and players must try to knock over the cone and score points

Win the ball

    3. Players must try and stop the attacking player from shooting by denying space or forcing them to shoot from distance
    4. Here the player has lost his opponent and scored a point by knocking over the cone which must be put back in place by a helper

    5. Blocking tactics are a great way to prevent players passing or shooting during a match
    6. When players have shot they must go towards the coach to receive another ball… the first player there gets possession
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