Don’t let them score!

Very good session for getting players to cover the back because one team has no goalkeeper. The opposition can look for different ways to score especially shooting early or chipping the defence. Great for match play.

Why use it

Big overload for team with no goalkeeper coaches players in the need to shoot early when outnumbered and for the overload team to cover at the back with no goalkeeper.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Use an area 40 x 30 yards with a goal at each end. We used 13 players in the session.

How to do it

Split your players into three teams of four players plus a goalkeeper. One of the teams plays with the goalkeeper and the other two teams link up and defend the open goal creating 8v4 plus the goalkeeper. The team of 8 must make 4 passes before they can shoot at goal. The outnumbered team can shoot whenever they can from anywhere on the pitch.


The team of 8 are playing a possession game with good passing and movement and good first touch. They must cover the open goal at all times. The other team must use good judgement and accurate shooting to catch their opponents out.

Defend open goals

    1. The game starts with the goalkeeper passing out to the team of 4 players who must try and score in the empty goal
    2. Here the outnumbered team try and score but the shot is intercepted by the opposition covering the goal

Back four fanatics

    3. A fast break by the overload team catches out the outnumbered defence and a goal is scored
    4. Now the outnumbered team has spread out and look to create space for a shot

don't let them score

    5. The opposition fail to close the attacker down quick enough and he scores into the empty net
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