Fun game to get players improving basic defending soccer skills

This is a very simple soccer game to set up, but it forces the players to display clever movement as they have to protect their own ball at the same time as trying to remove their opponents’ balls from the game. This game is also a good practice exercise to use for an indoor training session.
Small sided soccer game to get players using clever movement to protect their ball and get rid of their opponent's ball

How to play the king of the ring game

  • Set up a 25 yards by 25 yards playing area and give all the players a ball.
  • Each player dribbles their ball around the area.
  • Players attempt to kick an opponent’s ball out of the area while at the same time protecting their own ball from being stolen and kicked out.
  • If a player’s ball is kicked out, they are out of the game. The last player left inside the area is declared the winner.

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