Out of possession tactics

Out of possession teams can control the game by forcing play into areas of the pitch that are easier to control. With positional play opponents can be forced into areas that are less dangerous to the defending team

Set up

You need an area 15×15 yards with a cone for the defending players on the touchline one further down for the attacking players, with a target goal on the opposite side. You need eight players, balls, cones and a target goal.

How to play it

Form your players into two groups of four, defenders and attackers. To start the defending players makes a pass to the attacking player and on his/her first touch the defender must try to win back possession and at the same time forcing the attacker away from goal.


This is all about body positioning by the defending player who gets between the attacking player and the goal and press to force the attacker away

1. The defending player starts the session by making a pass to the attacking playhers
2. Now the defending player moves to cover the attack on goal

3. The idea is to keep the attacking player on the outside and make it harder to attack the goal and the defending player looks to tackle when a mistake is made

4. A recovering move by the defender after the striker has beaten him saves a certain goal

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