Soccer drill to improve 1v1 defending

in Defending, Soccer drills and skills

This soccer coaching session is about improving your players’ skills to defend in 1v1s by getting into a good starting position and dictating the direction of play. These soccer drills will make better defenders and show players how to reap the rewards of winning possession. You are looking for players to react quickly and press... MORE

Block the shot small sided soccer game

in Defending, Small Sided Games

This small-sided soccer (football) game works on reactive speed skills and forces your attackers and defenders to work at match speed in order to be successful. Set up for small-sided soccer game Mark out an area 25×25 yards with three poles, three balls and one goal set up as in the diagram below. How to... MORE

Defend with accuracy soccer drill

in Defending, Soccer drills and skills

Use this great defending small-sided soccer (football) game to work on accuracy skills when players are passing, as well as defenders’ reaction skills. I use this small-sided soccer game a lot with my young teams because it not only has some excellent basic soccer (football) coaching angles but there is also an element of competition... MORE

Passing pressuring and jockeying soccer drill

in Defending, Soccer drills and skills

Use this soccer warm-up drill to coach your players in the skills of passing, pressuring and jockeying. This basic football skills drill can be used for indoor coaching sessions, too. Run the soccer drill Arrange your soccer (football) players into two groups. The player in possession must dribble halfway towards the other group and then... MORE

Soccer game to put defenders under pressure

in Defending, Small Sided Games

You often see a defence under pressure in youth soccer (football) games. The opposition make all the right decisions and create goal-scoring opportunities because your defenders do not know what to do when they are outnumbered. Use this small-sided game to coach your defenders how to organise when they have more attackers running at them... MORE

Drill for defensive soccer strategies

in Defending, Soccer drills and skills

Setting up a coaching drill where you have different numbers of players on each side is a great way of boosting defensive soccer strategies and getting your players taking advantage of match-like situations.   In a match situation, a breakaway attack can often result in your defenders facing an attacker on the run bursting into... MORE

Soccer drill to get defenders thinking

in Defending, Soccer drills and skills

In this soccer drill coaching session the defender must react to the opponent’s starting position, think quickly and defend accordingly. To run this soccer drill, you need to set up an area the size of half the pitch you play on, so if you play mini-soccer, 7-a-side or 8-a-side, you will use half a small... MORE

Close down space with this 4v2 small sided soccer...

in Defending, Small Sided Games

If you watch the best defenders, they don’t give away space easily. Space is an attacker’s friend but it’s a defender’s enemy. This small-sided soccer defence game is a good one to work on with your defenders, but all players should be able to close down space when an opponent is receiving the ball. Timing... MORE

Soccer drill for attacking and defending

in Defending, Soccer drills and skills

This simple soccer (football) drill forces players to react to the two most frequent defending and attacking situations. Soccer drill set up The goalkeeper passes to player 1 who attacks 1v1 against player 3. Straight after this attack, the coach passes to player 3. Player 2 must now run out and stop player 3 from... MORE

Small sided game to focus on last five minutes...

in Defending, Small Sided Games

Nothing hurts more than losing it in the last five minutes of your soccer (football) game. To coach your players in the tactics to avoid this pitfall, use the following small-sided soccer game. Tell your players to imagine there are only five minutes left to go in the Cup Final and you are leading Manchester... MORE

Defending in twos soccer drill

in Defending, Soccer drills and skills

This soccer coaching drill looks at two defenders working together to stop attackers. The coaching session tests players’ ability to communicate and support when attackers are running towards goal, and when they receive the ball with their backs to goal. The soccer drill covers these main coaching points: Defending in pairs. Providing cover. Forcing the... MORE

Soccer drill to coach blocking the shot

in Defending, Soccer drills and skills

Defenders can save goals by placing themselves between the goal and the ball. Some defenders have the ability to read the situation and will “throw” themselves in front of the ball to deflect it away from goal. The following soccer drill is a good one to get defenders blocking shots to protect the goal and... MORE

Shadowing warm up drill to work on marking skills

in Defending, Warm Ups

This is a good soccer warm-up drill for young players, which is designed to get their muscles working. It also has a soccer shadowing theme to it. Players need to shadow the opponent they are marking. Make sure your players aren’t left behind during the drill. Soccer drill set up Place two markers positioned three... MORE

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