Pressing from the front – Small-Sided Game


This small-sided game allows players to work on pressing from the front in a game- realistic environment.



Set up with one large goal and two mini goals on an extended half pitch. Teams play 6v5 with one neutral player. Reds set up with a goalkeeper, three defenders and two midfielders. Whites set up with a forward and four midfielders. The neutral player plays for the team in possession, working as a defender for Whites and a forward for Reds.



Team of six (Reds) have a goalkeeper and defend large goal. Play always starts with goalkeeper. Whites aren’t allowed to press until the goalkeeper has played their first pass. Whites aim to press high, win possession and score in the big goal. Reds aim to play out from the back and score in the mini goals.



#11 – nearest player presses the ball, delays the attacker and shows inside

#10 & #9 – provide cover, double up for dribble, positioning to intercept/block a pass

#9 – removes option of pass to centre-back, ‘cuts field in half’

#7 – tucks in to provide balance and ‘weak side’ support

#6 – screens longer pass and secondary cover


1. Set up with 6v5, plus a neutral player. The team of 6 start in possession with the goalkeeper

2. The goalkeeper plays out to a defender, which is a trigger for the Whites to press

3. If Whites win possession, they aim to score. Reds work to score in the two mini goals

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