Strategy tips for corners

Build a defensive strategy for your team by drilling your players so they know just what they’re doing at set plays, such as defending corners at 11-a-side.

Tell your players their responsibilities at corners before every match. No one should be left wondering what they are supposed to do.

setting up your players to defend corners so they know their roles


Numbers 3, 5, 6 and 10 – These are your best four headers of the ball. They should mark man-to-man and their job is to mark the opposition’s main heading threats, marking slightly in front, and being first to the ball.

Number 11 – Marks in front of any opposition standing on the near post or just mark the space in their absence.

Number 4 – Marks the space in front of the main markers, keeping a look out for any opposition standing in front of the goalkeeper. If this is the case he may have to adjust his position so he is standing in front of the attacker.

Number 2 – Marks the far post.

Numbers 7 and 8 – Mark any opposition on the edge of the box.

Number 9 – He stays upfield, occupying two defenders and hoping to help spring a counter attack.

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