Strikers press defenders

Often a lone striker will be pressing a three man defence which can be a frustrating job. Get your strikers to practice their pressing techniques against three defenders. Pressing high up the pitch often means a striker is outnumbered by the defence but they can still cause errors and win the ball

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones. Set up an area 50 x 30 yards including two 5yd end zones. We used 8 players in the session

How to play it

Split up your players into two teams of three passers and one team of two defenders. The red passing team goes into one half of the pitch and the blue passing team goes into the opposite half. The defenders must start on the central line. To start, you pass to the red team and one defender immediately runs onto the pitch and tries to defend. The red team completes three passes and then looks to transfer the ball to the blue team. Play for 10 minutes – new defenders are selected after two minutes. If the ball leaves play, then the coach serves a new ball into the pitch. Allow both defenders to go together if the pressing is not working.


Important to emphasise the pressing aspect of the game. Passing is important

    1. The pressing players must try and force the passing trio into making a mistake
    2. Pressing quickly can result in the player looking down and mistiming the pass to his team-mate

    3. The teams must make three passes before they can pass to the other team
    4. By keeping tight to the three passers the pressing player has more chance to intercept the ball

    5. After three passes the ball is transferred to the other side and the next defender runs to press
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