U10s Pressing Game

This 9-player game will get your U10s working together to press and support.
U10s Pressing Game

  1. Set up a 15 x 10 yards area split into two halves. You need three teams of three players.
  2. Start with a team in each half and the third team on the centre line. The two outer teams try to pass the ball to each other through the centre.
  3. The centre players must try and block any passes that the outer teams are trying to get through – if they make a successful block they switch with the team that lost the ball.
  4. This is all about support and pressing play. The three central players must work together so one player presses and the other two support. Problems happen when all three players advance and the ball is passing them by. Do not allow passes over head height.
  5. The area is small so the passing and movement isn’t too tiring on the players involved. If the middle three are finding it hard switch them after 90 seconds.

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