Work your centrebacks

This is a diamond defense with 2 centrebacks a keeper and a defensive midfielder versus 2 attackers and 2 midfielders, a great workout for the central areas in front of goal. Central defenders working together with a keeper and a defensive midfielder is a good way control the dangerous areas in front of goal and repel attacks away from that area .

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and a goal. In an area 30 x 25 yards you need a goal at one end and a coned off zone at the other. We used 8 players in the session.

How to play it

Split your players into two teams, one is the defending team of goalkeeper, 2 centrebacks and a defensive midfielder. They must try and win the ball and get it to the defensive mid who is in the coned off area. The other team is the attacking team of two forwards and two attacking midfielders. The midfielders must also stay in the coned off zone. Start the session with the attacking midfielders making one or two passes in the coned off zone then linking with the attackers in the 2v2 area. Defenders must be aware of the goalkeeper and the need to cover and be able to get the ball to the defensive midfielder when they win the ball. 1 point for getting it back to the defensive mid. Once they have played this a few times remove the coned zone and play 4v4 with the same rules.


Organisation skills important movement and support play from both teams. Passing, receiving, pressing and energy important here.

    1. The attacking midfielders must make one or two passes in the coned off area under pressure from the defensive midfielder
    2. Movement is vital from both teams in the 2v2. Here the attackers make a simple move to catch the central defenders out

    3. The central defenders must work together to cover the attackers and their route to goal
    4. When the defenders win the ball they must combine to get it back to the defensive midfielder and win a point

    5. Now remove the coned area and the diamond between the defending four will be more in evidence
    6. Movement is key as the defensive midfielder and the two central defenders move to cover the attacking areas of the pitch
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