Downhill sprinting soccer drill

Making your soccer youngsters run downhill may just seem like a player’s dream sprinting drill (better downhill than uphill!). But this overspeed soccer coaching drill will improve the kids’ running skills because each player will be reaching speeds they will not normally be able to get to, so attuning their brains to run faster.
Benefits of using this soccer drill

Overspeed training drills are aimed at getting young players to feel what it is like to run fast. They will be running faster than normal and having to take the necessary precautions so they are not running into a fence or on to concrete.

Downhill sprinting drills

Use a gentle slope, which will give players a slight advantage over running on flat ground. Most of you should be able to find part of the training ground that has a slope to it.

Players should run as fast as possible, while remaining in control. A good soccer coaching tip is that arm movements indicate control. The arms should be bent at right angles and should be rotating about the shoulder in a forward and backward direction, rather than from side to side.

If the head is held up and jaw relaxed, then the player should be able to feel in control and run faster.

Running with the wind tip

Running with the wind has a similar effect as the downhill method. The only trouble is the vagaries of the weather. The wind might not be strong enough or too strong – however it is worth taking the opportunity to use it when it is there to practise this drill.

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