Dribble to score

A fast game to develop the ability of your players to dribble into the area at speed and create goal-scoring chances. This game helps to get your players dribbling past defenders and shooting at goal. It will help your players win 1v1s and get them finishing off good moves.

Set up

Set up a playing area 40×40 yards with a smaller 30×30-yard area inside it. We’re using eight players for the session. You need balls, bibs, cones and four mini goals.

How to play it

Play a 3v3 with two floating players who play for the attacking team. Play takes place inside the smaller area and players must dribble into the larger square but then attack the opposite end – play must then go back through the smaller square and be dribbled out to where players can then score


This is good for fast dribbling and game-like play. Very relevant in an individual development context, it should be part of every coach’s training schedule. Players need to build confidence on the ball and take that confidence into the match with them. It also helps players learn how to turn with the ball when in possession.

1. Players must dribble into the larger goal zone and then attack the other end – players can only get into the larger area by dribbling the ball in
2. A goal can be scored once play has reached the opposite end and the ball is dribbled in

3. Here the attacking team makes use of the two floating players by dribbling into the goal zone and scoring in the net
4. The defenders must try and win the ball before the attacking team can get into the larger zone so they can become the attackers

5. Progress the session by allowing one defender to go into the goal zone when the attacker is dribbling in

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