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This skillful passing workout will help your players to develop fast feet capable of accurate and effective one-touch passing that helps with possession sessions as teams work on keeping the ball.

Why use it

This session forces players to move and communicate when combining with each other. It helps players to look ahead and read the pass so they know their next pass before they actually receive the ball.


Use an area of 15×15 yards. We’ve used six players. You need balls and cones.

How to do it

A player stands on the outside of each side of the square with two working players in the middle. An outside player starts with the ball and feeds it into either of the two players inside who must combine using one-touch play and then pass out to a different outside player. The outside player can play two-touch and feeds the ball back to the working players inside the square. Again the inside players link up and then pass out to a different outside player. Play for 60 seconds and then switch players. Advance the session so that outside players can pass to each other.


Developing one-touch fast feet is the aim of the session, with good receiving and control from the outside players. It’s good fun and it will give a lot of passing and receiving experience.

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