Free kick soccer drill using dummy trick

Free-kicks are often wasted in youth soccer. You need to put some thought into how to set up your team to make best use of a free kick and drill the skills in coaching sessions.

Using a dummy for a free kick involves playing the ball through the legs of one of your attackers to the other side of the pitch where the defence is less organised.

I am surprised at how often teams can be given a free-kick, which is headed away by the first defender and the attacking team is suddenly caught out and find themselves under pressure from a counter attack.

You need to put pressure on the goal to take advantage of the situation your team has won for itself.

Nutmeg free-kick

The nutmeg free-kick is one of the best ways to catch out the opposition and stop your players just kicking it into the penalty box or at the wall. When they get it right, it always creates a shooting chance, whether you are playing 7 or 11-a-side and at any age group.

soccer tips for coaching free kick using a dummy move.
How the soccer drill works 

  • Player 1 pretends to shoot, but passes to player 2 instead. The wall will still expect a shot from the group of players.
  • Instead, player 2 passes the ball between player 3’s legs, to player 4 who is waiting on the edge of the area.
  • Player 4 has the perfect opportunity to either shoot first time or to run into the box.
  • You also ensure the ball is not lost to a quick breakaway because it usually goes in the goal or out for a corner, or a goal kick.

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